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Maiorana: You have to wonder if the Bills will ever be good on offense. Rosa Wims, 96, hosts free Thanksgiving dinner in Rochester for 34th year. Albion parents wonder why students arrested in alleged attack plot were released. New evidence in Brighton ax murder largely unknown, family suspected husband for decades. Why most of it went unspent. Here's how he fought back. Bills Game of the Day Nov. Switch to the mobile version of this page. Detroit Metro Times. Horoscopes Nov.

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The reward for enhancing your strengths, boosting your performance, and being a more reliable worker could be recognition, appreciation by your your peers and by the executive management, and higher steady income. Stop postponing. T ry to look at your current situation from a different angle. Work on your self-esteem, attitudes, and behavior at your workplace. Realizing that there is a world of support and friendship around you.

Connect with others. Open yourself to being touched.

This is a progressive period 4U. Merge and melt. Remember, Life is NOT intellectual. It's also sensual. That newly acquired lifestyle could help you deliver some of the results you expect before NOV ends.

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International chaos? Assassination of head of state? Political confusion and disarray? Turbulent market near-crash shakedown? Imminent personal crisis? My 56 year experience proves that projects rarely work out as planned. Some of your plans might have to be altered, greatly modified, downgraded, or could be cancelled. Some of you not all might miss an employment opportunity due to your lack of preparation especially if you are not adequately prepared, trained and experienced. Since there is no shortcut, this basic obligatory process must be followed.

Now, the rest is up to those of you who are qualified job-seekers. Doing nothing could backfire. A conflict with the law is astro-possible speeding, cell phone, texting while driving, road rage. Some of you not all might come to regret it sorely. Proceed with caution and self-control if and when facing such increased awful tensed episodes. Max-crap, indeed.


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Why this suggestion? SOMEONE close might be trying to take advantage of your loving kindness unless you insist on having a more sincere and honest relationship or else. Beware of getting involved in judgmental, religious or political argumentative conversations. Otherwise, that particular relationship might be in peril. So please be more analytical. Double check facts. Dig deep for more clarification. Intimate relationships might be crumbling and dissolving possibly due to conflict of personality strong egos. To avoid further turbulence, give someone close to your heart your undivided attention and Loving Kindness based on trust and respect.

Organize your finances so you can afford to travel.

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Expect damaged and destroyed commercial buildings and private residences. This astro-period could prove to be quite challenging. Budget some of your savings. Hurricane-strength winds, t orrential rain storms and catastrophic floods across Netherlands, Germany and Belgium flattened buildings, disrupted transport links and killed many people. Large areas are submerged forcing residents to evacuate.

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Water and electricity supplies are affected. Rising waters have washed away homes, roads, highways, and railway tracks. Air, rail, bus and trucking transport delayed or canceled due to weather leaving commuters and travelers stranded in life-threatening crisis conditions. Try to understand what's going on. Do it pronto. This nasty situation might get unusually intense.

Be alert to disturbing signals. Get full body check-up. Get flu shots. If you neglect look after your health, absenteeism could cost you a promotion. Call their bluff. The more questions, the better. Communications could tend to be difficult. Think twice before you play games with him or her.

Well, this relationship might end as suddenly as it began. There are situations you cannot change. Remember, there are very few truly impossible problems and very few impossible solutions. They might experience difficulty paying you back.

Keep that cash capital for unexpected repairs. Again, be very cautious and frugal with money. Do not buy on impulse. Don't max-out your credit cards. Save money for unexpected expenses, emergencies, unexpected repairs, or rent increase. Should you undertake an extensive job search?