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There is only one particular atmosphere, a will for something new in the sparkling air, small premature hints that forebode the nearing new spring. Similarly, in the individual, Aquarius' energy is expressed through intuition and the discovery of new values and ideas, ready to be realised. Aquarius is represented by the image of a man who pours water from an amphora. Water, symbolically tied to the unconscious world, emotive, emotions, and its journey towards the earth, comes into contact with air, the reign of ideas and thought.

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This is because a contact, an exchange of thought and emotion: thought grants emotion its ability to imagine and build possible worlds where the individual good coincides with the common good and emotion grants thought its ability to empathise and love. This is the water that the earth must welcome and absorb: the water carrier, symbol of fertility and love offered to humanity, represents the gift of oneself which, as Barbault said: " is a safe instinct because it does not belong to the being who feels it but to the others who receive it".

In the individual's evolutionary cycle, Aquarius represents the phase when Leo's "Ego" is overcome, focused on his individuality, in favour of conquering collective conscious. The individual becomes universal in Aquarius. Man breaks down the borders of his ego and becomes aware of not only the place he occupies in society-state, but of the profound bond that units and joints him to all other men, to humanity as a whole, past, present and future, and learns to think and feel the "other" in a universal context, where sex, race and social status distinctions no longer have any meaning.

Traditionally, Aquarius is associated with the mythical figure of Prometheus, the hero that stole fire from Zeus to give it to man. Prometheus, who with his altruistic gesture gave mankind the knowledge of fire, violated divine law and for this "sin" is punished by Zeus to atrocious suffering and profound solitude.

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As Liz Greene wrote in "Astrology and Destiny": "We are faced with the jealous God of Genesis, who does not want His Creature to share the fruits of the tree of knowledge and life for fear that man can become like God. Man who gained the new knowledge suffers a transformation or expansion of knowledge and is no longer like his equals. He has risen above the human level of his time but, by doing so, distances himself from the human race.

The pain derived by this solitude is the revenge of the gods since they can no longer return among man. All the traditional intellectual fields occupied by Aquarius science, invention, common good, psychology and even astrology are invalidated by this solitude which is the price to be paid for having offended Zeus.

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It is that secret impulse-shadow that is behind who - must - help others, since it is through this will to help that the intense solitude derived by knowledge is, albeit slightly, alleviated". And thus the person who is sensitive to Aquarius' energy is solitary and independent in his choices, eccentric and rebellious. He cannot or does not want to be like others. He avoids the beaten track.

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He does not let himself be influenced by prejudice and traditions. He abhors conventions and fights against dogmas and principles enforced by morals and the society. Becoming the knight and spokesperson for Man's values, with a capital M, this is what he deems his duty. The voice he listens to is only and exclusively that of the group, of the multitudes since he does not trust in himself nor in the rigid political and economic organisations, built on Capricorn's concepts of power and control.

The challenge offered by Aquarius is the ability to go beyond the confines of our small, closed, obtuse, standard world built at the top of the peak wearily conquered in Capricorn, and that arrogantly thought was the only way possible, eternal and unshakable. When the Sun enters the constellation of Pisces, the last sign in the zodiac, nature, although still silent and colourless, is ready to awake from its long winter sleep, ready to re-flourish and restart a new cycle.

The earth heated by the increasingly hotter sun rays, is damp, rich and fertile. The buds are swollen with dew and close to blooming. The symbolic image that best represents this seasonal phase is that of the child about to be born. The foetus in the last months of pregnancy is able to perceive what occurs outside, hearing noise, sounds, the mother's emotions but still lives in the completeness of a perfect union with her, protected, encased by her womb.

The nostalgia for that moment, the will and hop to one day find that lost unity, accompanies us throughout our lives. The base theme is tied to the mystic Pisces sign is the pursuit of "fusion" with another and the road that will lead us to find this intimate union, is the fully unconditional "Love" for all creatures. Pisces' theme is found in Genesis, when it mentions that in the beginning, man was in perfect union with God, and only after the original sin, stopped doing God's will to assert himself, and in the figure of Christ, symbol of universal and cosmic Love: Jesus died on the cross to redeem humanity.

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In his extreme sacrifice, Jesus, fully renouncing himself, demonstrates his love for man who can thus reunite with God. Pisces' energy, through the experience of unconditional Love, that leads us to renounce our desires and needs to sacrifice ourselves, attempts to have us return to the time and place where the "I" was confused with the "you", and man with God. Follow it, and feel relaxed. Are you willing to know your fortune for this month? Look no further you ended up at the right page.

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