February full moon astrology

These directions may not always be rosy, but somewhere deep inside, we have to trust that whatever we experience is here to lift us higher, to open our hearts, and to help us to grow. What the human mind may perceive as terrible or annoying, our soul may be rejoicing at the lessons we get to learn, the emotional range we get to experience, and the life changing wisdom we get to acquire.

Full Moon in Virgo – February 19

Looking at the world through our higher mind definitely gives us a new perspective, and allows us to see beyond our own egos. The light of this Full Moon is going to be so strong, and the pull of its energy is going to be intense that we will have no other choice but to open up. The contents of our lives will be released and exposed, we will be cut open, and free to see what is really brewing on the inside. This exposure and release can happen on a mind, body, spirit level or on a combination of all three.

On a mental level, this Full Moon is going to be exposing all that we need to release and let go of. While this is typical for most Full Moons, on this Virgo Moon we are specifically going to be encouraged to let go of repetitive thoughts, over-thinking, worries, and fears of the future. To help us with this, the Universe may stir some of our core fears, or agitate some of our beliefs in order to help bring awareness and exposure to them. Most of us have fear lurking in the corner of our minds and hearts and, while this is part of our human experience, the more conscious we can become of our fear, the more it helps us to know when it is driving our decisions or when it is simply in the background as a way to protect us.

Fear can be healthy in reasonable doses, but most of us are over-driven with fear, which keeps us stuck in repetitive patterns and in a lower vibrational state.


On this Full Moon, work on becoming aware of your fears. Acknowledge them. Stand them down.

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Pierce them with your gaze straight to their core, for doing so will loosen their grip on your life. Sometimes, all you have to do is become aware of where you are operating with fear and the rest will follow. We need to find the peace in the eye of the storm. What things have you defined yourself as not able to learn or do? Are you bad at public speaking? Bad at math? Lack of empathy?

Bad at all sports? Bad at singing?

morsimanhackni.tk Very often we ascribe things to a built-in competency rather than acknowledge that it is mostly psychological, a comfortable excuse for not trying, a comfortable way to maintain our identity or a lack of willpower! Do you really inherently lack aptitude for these things or is it a continuation of a limiting situation from your childhood?

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Experience transfiguration and do them! Rewrite the script.

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Reconfigure yourself. Change the software. You do not need to be the person you were yesterday! After exploring ancient and modern magical and mystical practices for more than 20 years, today she uses astrology to help folks discover — and live — their unique genius. Scorpio, your community is in the spotlight at this lunation, or the company you operate within or network of peers surrounding you. Personal relationships are gaining momentum, with rewards due for skillful communication.

The full moon illuminates knowledge gained, or experiences that have taught you something, Capricorn. A personal quest or sense of seeking can now come full circle, allowing you to enjoy yourself!

Your outlook on one-to-one relationships is an important facet of this full moon, Pisces, with the moon coming to fruition in your collaborative zone of partnership and connection. Acknowledge others, using your powerful imagination to aid self-expression. Kimberly started Star Sign Style to gather together all things celestial in a honey pot of wonder.

She's studied astrology in London and India, specialising in the fashion and beauty of the stars. Her Sagittarius moon lights up with talk of travel, while her Mercury in Taurus waxes lyrical over cosmic cosmetics. Lusting After The Charlotte Tilbury…. Astrology for the aesthetically inclined. Fashion, beauty and adornment with celebrity zodiac signs. What to do at this full moon?

Rituals to support you and a horoscope by sign below… Show Your Productive Side! Highlight Health And Wellness — An Apple A Day… In its purest essence, the full moon calls us to shine a torch on the area in question, and can totally bring health and wellness to light.