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By letting go of the past and concentrating all your mental energies on your positive goals, you can avoid wasted energy. Having the added advantage of natural intuition can be a tremendous benefit if you trust your sixth sense about people and the final outcome of situations. Being born on the cusp, you have the practical business sense of Capricorn that desires prestige as well as the insight into human nature that comes with Aquarius.

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This enables you to mix business with your social life. Dynamic and versatile, you have a charming personality and an ability to promote your ideas. This can help you particularly in the world of sales, promotion, and public relations. You can also succeed in commerce or Banking , where you are likely to use your people skills. Alternatively, with your strong sense of justice, you may be drawn to defend the underdog through the law or politics.

Similarly, your desire to expand your knowledge can attract you to work in education, philosophy, or science. Creative and gifted, you could equally be inspired to work in careers such as design, art, acting, or music.

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Dynamic drive and an outgoing personality are usually present in those with a number 21 birthday. Socially inclined, you have many contacts and interests. Usually you show others your friendly and gregarious personality. Intuitive, with an independent spirit, you are highly inventive and original.

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Having a number 21 birthday, you can be fun-loving and magnetic, with grace and charm. Alternatively, you can be shy and reserved, with a need to develop as-sertiveness, especially in close relationships. Although you can be inclined toward cooperative relationships or marriage, you always want to be acknowledged for your talents and abilities.

The subinfluence of the number 1 month indicates that you are enterprising, with an independent outlook.

Observant and innovative, with an inquisitive mind and plenty of energy, you need to work hard in order to achieve recognition and success, although you are usually ambitious. At times you may be stubborn and make your own decisions or strike out alone.


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When inspired, you have original ideas and a unique perspective. Charismatic and idealistic, you have high expectations of relationships. A flair for dealing with people indicates that you can mix well with others.

Although you can at times overreact, you are a humanitarian who is very protective of those you love. Avoid letting others take advantage of your good nature if you do not want to be distracted from your own goals.

Your strong personality combined with your warmth and charm can be very attractive to others. Success in finding the right partner may be more easily achieved with those born on the following dates.

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Their weaknesses are pessimism, unsociable, miserly and extremely haughty. The chinese year starts at chinese new year and not on jan 1st so if you are born in january or february you need to account for when the chinese year started in that year, you can check this by hovering the mouse over the year in the following list, a pop-up will show the taurus 11 may horoscope of the chinese calendar year. Is directly stated the sentence that gives the main thought is called the topic or key sentence.