Astrological straits zach hill

Zach Hill – Astrological Straits

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  • Zach Hill - Astrological Straits | Releases | Discogs!
  • Where are you headed? Like this: Like Loading I will report back soon — Pi Like Like. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here In placing Hill front and center, the album also magnifies something about the drummer's writing style that might not have registered with those who've heard him in other contexts. From its music to its lyrics to its esoteric title among his many interests, Hill is a firm believer in astrology and fate , Astrological Straits represents a major rebirth for Hill: from sideman to bandleader, collaborator to visionary, journeyman to creator of his own destiny.

    Not to get too lofty, but this album, and these songs, are the culmination of those experiences. For all of its dark elements—drugs, death and his own loved ones' brushes with both are among its lyrical inspirations—Astrological Straits is a celebration for Hill; an affirmation of his ability to step out of previous roles to write his own future.

    Zach Hill - Astrological Straits [CD] on OnBuy

    That's something you can hear not just in the music, which finds Hill's higher-mathematical approach to the kit expanding via funk, soul and big-band-style arrangements if, presumably, those genres had Martian origins , but also in the overall celebratory spirit Hill and collaborators bring to the proceedings.

    The list is long and formidable, yes, but as Hill is quick to point out, these are more than just names on a studio log. I gave the general direction, but there was an intuitive, unspoken sort of feel in the collaborations that allowed the songs to turn out the way they did. Remarkably, the mintue track is a continuous take.

    It was an important piece to this album, and whether someone wants to dive into the whole thing or take it a few minutes at a time, I feel like there's something important there to hear.

    https://cuitetipho.tk Even with the longer material, I was careful not to waste space on this record. Hill is also being careful to plot his future after Astrological Straits.

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    Individual touring schedules may make an artist-by-artist replication of the album challenging, but as he looks toward the future, Hill is excited about the opportunity to recreate the album in the live arena, as well as to create a recorded legacy beyond it. Indeed, you may never hear Zach Hill the same way after spending time with Astrological Straits—but from this album forward, you'll only hear Zach Hill when you do.

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    Zach Hill - Dark Art

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