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There is nothing polite about this wine, nothing reticent.


Think rosemary and think pine, both closely associated with this sign. We slurp away.

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The wine is powerful all right. It is a retsina, that pine-impregnated acquired taste from Greece. I am relieved to hear that we are not expected to finish the glass. It is vigorous, peppery and tannic - all characteristics of Scorpio. Do you feel the aftertaste? Just like a Scorpio that always leaves something behind.

Both have what I would call Scorpionic muscle. It all gets a bit blurry at this stage, thanks to the heat of the room, the competing scents, the wine and the Moscow Mules that suddenly appear. I am not helped by the arrival of a dark chocolate fondant and white pepper ice cream with an accompanying glass of Klein Constantia dessert wine.

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As von Strunckel winds up her discourse on the last signs, I find my attention wandering. Capricorn seems to be about status and Aquarius about ideals, or it might be the other way around, and Pisces seems to love humankind.

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It is well past midnight when I slip away. It has been a novel approach to food and wine, and hugely entertaining, if outlandish. I decide that instead of being an Aries, characterised by a love of onions, I would rather be Pisces whose associated foods, flavours and tastes are typified by von Strunckel as "alcohol in general".


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For further details, call Plateau on Having heard Shelley von Strunckel explain that each sign of the zodiac enjoys certain flavours and aromas, I decided to undertake some research of my own. In an act of selfless mysticism, I sat for hours poring over charts and uncorking bottles, and came up with the following groundbreaking conclusions:.

Aries likes pungent, spicy flavours, so an exuberant Gewurztraminer from Alsace would be ideal. Taurus has a sweet tooth and should be looking for a top-class German Trockenbeerenauslese or Sauternes. Gemini likes sharp, snappy flavours and icy-cold drinks.

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Would be suited to a well-chilled, zingy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Virgo insists on simple and uncomplicated tastes and smells, so should look for an unoaked Chardonnay, such as a fine Chablis. Libra likes well-balanced, subtle and classic flavours such as, say, a first-rate vintage claret. Scorpio is all for intense and extreme flavours and aromas see "Wines of the week" below. Capricorn looks for sour, bitter and dusky flavours so obviously wouldn't mind a corked and oxidised bottle of homemade gooseberry wine.

Aquarius is partial to brackish, astringent flavours and would relish a salty, tangy Manzanilla sherry. Pisces enjoys alcohol in general, so a double magnum of more or less anything should do.

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